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Sheila Fajl Hoops

Hello! A few weekends ago I was home, and I stumbled upon these fabulous hoop earrings at one of my favorite local boutiques, Karats and Keepsakes. Every single one of my friends from home had them so I obviously had to try them out. Sheila Fajl hoops, they are awesome. I honestly cannot say enough good things about them! What makes them unique is not only how ...

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Karli Buxton Designs

Hello everybody! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite jewelers, Karli Buxton of Karli Buxton Designs. Not only is Karli’s jewelry unique, but it is also so so so well made. The stones and elements she uses are the real deal, I haven’t had a single piece break, which is truly awesome. Her jewelry is ...

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I have been so excited to blog about this company because I think it is truly awesome what they are doing. My sweet cousin-in-law Susannah introduced me to them, and they are so cool. SoloHope was started by Emilee Connell. She was 16 when she went on her first mission trip to Honduras. Emilee wanted to help the women in Honduras provide for their families so she ...

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