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Hey, May!

 Woah, I cannot believe we are already in May. It feels like we were celebrating New Years five seconds ago. Anyone else? Life over here has been a little crazy lately. New Orleans for a bachelorette party, Tulsa, Oklahoma for a family function, my best friend’s wedding in Fairhope, Alabama, Easter weekend. Needless to say I am seriously looking forward to ...

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Hello, Atlanta + 2017

Hello, everyone! I know I have been so MIA lately, but I promise it’s for good reason! I’m officially a real-world participant, with a JOB and my own apartment in a BIG CITY! Over the past two months I packed up my stuff, started a new job, moved to Atlanta, and I love it. I am working at a public relations firm called The Wilbert Group, and I am ...

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Hello Fall, You’re Here!!

You guys, IT’S SEPTEMBER! I am so so happy! I love the fall and winter months so September-February is my jam! This summer has been great, but I am so ready to ditch the iced coffee and shorts! After doing a little self-reflecting on the past 2/3 of 2016, I realize there is still so much I want to accomplish before 2017 makes its debut. Therefore, I decided ...

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Hello, Summer!

Hey, guys! So I realize it is actually June 7, but since it hasn’t been June for a whole week yet I am thinking this post is still acceptable. I am absolutely NOT a summer person, and it is starting to get HOT HOT HOT in Auburn (ew.) So in order to keep the summer going by quickly, I have been trying to come up with lots of things to keep me busy so I ...

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