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Pump Up The Volume

I was never one to be blessed with the gift of naturally voluminous hair, and for years I have been searching for the perfect combination of products to help give my hair that extra lift! A few weeks ago, I started going to Signature Salon in Macon and my saint of a hair stylist, Mary, introduced me to a life-changing combination of products that I am finally ...

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Mascara Mania

Happy Wednesday! I have the hardest time finding good mascara. I have tried like 29478326578943 different types and I keep going back to my pink bottle/green top Maybelline Great Lash (you know the one…from middle school.) Does anyone else have this problem? So, I decided to survey my friends with fabulous lashes to find out which ones they use and why. ...

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My Favorite Beauty Buys

I have never done a beauty post before so I figured this might be a nice change of pace. I use a lot of beauty products. I am not the girl that sticks to one eye shadow palette every day. I mean, I have my favorites, but I am usually pretty good about switching it up and playing around with different colors, etc. However, if I were to narrow it down to the ...

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