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I have been so excited to blog about this company because I think it is truly awesome what they are doing. My sweet cousin-in-law Susannah introduced me to them, and they are so cool.

SoloHope was started by Emilee Connell. She was 16 when she went on her first mission trip to Honduras. Emilee wanted to help the women in Honduras provide for their families so she came up with the idea to make bracelets out of pine straw and thread. She asked the women if they could do this, and they said yes. SoloHope was born. Not only do the proceeds from their products go toward a great cause, but the jewelry is seriously so amazing.You can literally see the pine straw if you look closely. I try to wear at least one bracelet every day. Whenever someone offers a compliment I always take advantage of telling them where it is from. They just released their new fall collection which includes some great trivets, and OH, this cuff. These products are different from anything I have ever seen, but I think it is so cool and fun. Check out SoloHope’s website here.

P.S. The Christmas collection coming soon looks to die for! You can preview a little on their Facebook!

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Have a fabulous Monday!

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