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Hello Fall, You’re Here!!


You guys, IT’S SEPTEMBER! I am so so happy! I love the fall and winter months so September-February is my jam! This summer has been great, but I am so ready to ditch the iced coffee and shorts! After doing a little self-reflecting on the past 2/3 of 2016, I realize there is still so much I want to accomplish before 2017 makes its debut. Therefore, I decided to set a few goals I want to have accomplished before the end of the year!

Be better about budgeting

I am so so so bad at this concept and seeing as I am a recent college grad, I literally cannot afford to be bad at this. So, I am making a conscious effort to learn how to budget effectively!

Get a job

After wrapping up my internship with Auburn Magazine at the beginning of August, this has been my sole focus! I am currently interning with Goods PR in Macon while searching for something full time, I know I want to move to a big city! Advice and suggestions welcome!

Read more

I am pretty good about reading for fun (novels, biographies, etc). What I slack off on is reading for education. I want to set aside a time during the day when I literally just read a few magazine features and news articles. As a writer, one of the best things you can do is read other people’s writing, which I tend to forget about.


After losing my phone to water damage a few weeks ago, I realized how dependent I was on technology and social media, and I did not like it. I think I am going to try to put away the electronics at 7 o’clock every night.

Take this blog to the next level

I just recently decided this blog is something I really want to do permanently so I really want to take the next step towards bringing to its full potential! I am ready for the commitment, and I am aware of the work it will require! I am really excited about making this blog what I truly envision it to be, and I cannot wait to share it with you soon!

Stay positive

This goal is so important to me. I actually just keep this one as an ongoing goal because I think this is something everyone should strive to do! Life is hard, it is really hard. We all get thrown those curveballs, and one of the most important things I have learned is to not let them get in your way. I had so much negative energy surrounding me around the first part of this year, it was making me miserable. I had to do some major soul-searching a few months ago, and I have discovered that positivity is the key! So, I am going to stay HAPPY and remember that despite ALL the curveballs…it will all work out in the end!


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