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Rosemary Beach


This past weekend I got to travel with a group of my best girlfriends down to Rosemary Beach to celebrate our friend Allison’s 25th Birthday! It was an absolute blast. This was my first time going to any of the beaches on 30A and after this weekend I can promise you I will be going back! Everything about the whole trip was perfect, and I had so many suggestions from you guys, thank you!! I am definitely going back just to make sure I hit them all!

where we stayed


Allison found us this awesome condo in the Villas at Sunset Beach, and it was perfect! There were six of us, and there was plenty of room for everyone to sleep (a.k.a everyone had a bed), plus the view was amazing. We had a huge balcony overlooking the ocean, it was great! There were four bedrooms, three baths, a full kitchen, dining and living area. There was even the perfect number of chairs around the dinner table.

only complaint: They don’t have carts for your luggage so pack lightly. We didn’t, and it was a bit of a struggle when we moved in!



where we celebrated


The Pearl Hotel pretty much became our weekend “spot.” We started out the night with drinks at their rooftop bar, which is beautiful, and the drinks are fabulous! We also had this awesome waiter named Adam. If you’re ever at The Pearl’s rooftop bar make sure to ask for him! The hotel itself is insanely picturesque, and did I mention all black and white? (basically the hotel of my dreams)

ADVICE: Definitely try one of their mojitos and don’t have more than two of their margaritas because they will knock you on the floor without warning.



Per a friend’s request, we also checked out this apparent “hot spot” called Shades. I think we might have just hit it on an off-night or arrived too early because it was definitely not bumpin’ when we got there. If you are in the area, though, maybe give it a shot because now I’m curious to know why everyone local was raving about it.

where we ate


The Shrimp Shack

This was the first place we went upon arriving, we were looking for somewhere quick and beachside because we already had our swim suits on. It had an outside pavilion right on the beach so it was perfect. I got the Shrimp Roll with coleslaw and it was pretty good, not the best I’ve ever had, but pretty good! Allison got the low country boil and it looked like the winner, I would recommend that over the shrimp roll.

Restaurant Paradise

Allison’s birthday dinner, and pronounced Para-DEE, this place is AMAZING! It sits on the corner of the 30A and South Barrett Square, right in the middle of everything happening at Rosemary Beach. We just walked to it after drinks at The Pearl. The food was amazing, their wine list is awesome, and the service is top notch! I also highly recommend making reservations because there wasn’t an empty table and the only reservation they had left for us was at 8:45.

I had the tortellini appetizer and the pork chop, and they were both phenomenal, but I regret not getting one of their surf and turf options, which were also amazing. Make sure you hear all of their specials before deciding on something on the menu because those were the real crowd pleasers! Their crab cake app was also delicious, and if you like red wine, I recommend Meiomi.


The first basket is complimentary and it’s like $1.00 per person for an extra basket, but it is so worth every penny! I cannot stress enough how important this is, you have to try the bread, it will change your life. I’m not even going to try to describe it because there is no way any words can do it justice, but it was definitely the best bread I’ve ever had…in my entire 23 years of life.

Havana Grill

This one is located in The Pearl hotel! We ate here Saturday night, and it was really good, I got the Iceberg Wedge Salad and the Red Snapper, both were great! I also highly recommend the Paella, such explosive flavors! My friend Peterson got the scallops and those were also delightful, they were cooked perfectly! If you can, sit outside, the outdoor decor and view of the square were fabulous!

Pickles Beachside Grill


This was the last place we went before leaving the beach and it was perfect! It sits right off of 30A. If you have been to Seaside you’ve probably seen it! It was ideal “leaving the beach hungover” food and their famous Hilly Dilly Sauce is well worth the hype! Their menu has a surprisingly wide variety. You can get turkey burgers, veggie burgers, chicken fingers and hot dogs. Apparently, their corn dog is really good as well.


I cannot wait to go back and try all the places you guys suggested to me! There just wasn’t enough time to do everything in 2.5 days, ah! Despite the quickness of the weekend, we all had such a good time!! Such a wonderful weekend with the greatest girls, I miss it already!

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