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Opa! Santorini, Greece

About two years ago I went on a Mediterranean cruise with my family. I never really got to share my experiences from the trip so now that I have this lovely blog I thought I would. Since the trip was 2.5 weeks long, I am going to break it up into sections of each place we visited. First up, Santorini, Greece!

Santorini was probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. I’m not sure if it was the bright blue and white architecture that made it so appealing, the fact that my inner Lena from “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” was out in full force, or just the views I saw from walking around the island that made it so special, but it was amazing.

Throughout this post, I will show you some pictures I took and give you a few fun facts I learned while visiting Santorini!


Fun Fact: The blue domes found all over Santorini are actually representative of the churches! One of the things that I think really stands out in Santorini is the bright blue and sand wash white buildings so I thought it was interesting to learn that the bright blue domes symbolize the churches.


Fun Fact: The islands of Santorini actually sit on top of a volcanic arc. Scary right? No worries, the volcanos haven’t had any major eruptions since the Minoan eruption in 1613 BC. Whew!


Fun Fact: The sea in Santorini is actually a flooded volcanic caldera. A caldera is a “cauldron-like volcanic feature,” or a volcanic crater if you will that is formed by the volcanic arc.

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Helpful Hint: Santorini is basically made up of stairs. Slippery stone stairs. Wear shoes with some tread on them because I wore sandals and I slipped a total of three times and it was super embarrassing.

I wish I had known I was going to do this blog when we went so I could have taken more photos of things, like the food we ate. It was delicious. The views from every restaurant were to die for because the tables essentially sat on top of the buildings the restaurants were in. Do not even get me started on the dessert, that is a whole other beast, but it was divine as well.


Happy Tuesday!

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