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New York City 2015


I feel like it has been years since I posted…even though it has only been five days. I missed you guys. How was everybody’s weekend?

I had planned on blogging in New York while on vacation but I quickly realized that was not going to happen.

My family tries to go to New York every year around this time. I would like to point out that it was rather warm this year…and slightly more crowded than last year (which I thought was impossible,) but it was still just as magical as ever.

We arrived Saturday night and ALMOST missed our dinner reservations at The Sea Fire Grill  because traffic was so bad from the airport

My family from Tennessee just happened to be in NYC the same time we were so we met up with them at the restaurant. It was really fun getting to see them!

The atmosphere was very dark and intimate. The service was great, our waiter was awesome!!!

The dinner was also really good. I got the appetizer special, roasted cauliflower soup, and the branzino for my main course. I have never had branzino before but it was really good!


(Tip: If having the fish head on your plate disturbs you, order it without.)

After dinner we walked through every child’s (and adults’) dream house, Dylan’s Candy Bar and got some dessert!!


Sunday we went to brunch at Rue 57, which was delicious. We did not have reservations so we had to wait for a while, but we just posted up at the bar. The atmosphere was really great, all members of the staff were very amicable which made it even better.


I got the eggs benedict (my favorite brunch food.)

That afternoon we saw the Jersey Boys matinee which was really upbeat and fun!

That evening we ate at Gotham Bar & Grill which was HEAVEN!! Probably my favorite place we went this year! The white truffle risotto…..oh wow…

Monday was pretty basic, we Christmas shopped all day. The Salvation Army bell ringers were feeling especially jazzy that day. Watch below.

Tuesday we saw a taping of LIVE with Kelly and Michael and I got to breathe the same air as my girl Jennifer Lawrence. This was a really awesome experience that I will never forget!! It is so different being on the other side of that TV!! Kelly, Michael, and J. Law were really good about interacting with the audience during commercial breaks.



One audience member even gave Kelly a homemade Yoda beanie..which she proceeded to wear on TV! Lucky gal!

We had breakfast at The Smith afterwards and they had grits….which I thought was awesomely weird. The grits were also really freaking good…and jalapeño/white cheddar flavored.


Photo from

We shopped around some more and then swung by The Hunger Games exhibition in Times Square. My inner nerd was in full swing because everything in the exhibit was actually used in the movies. They even had THE mockingjay pin on display at the very end, in a glass dome case, along with all of the clothes Katniss wears throughout the films, like I said, inner nerd was out!




Before heading over to our play we watched the enchanted castle light show at Saks and it was unreal. It plays every ten minutes starting at 4:35 p.m. You must see it when it gets beautiful!

FullSizeRender 2


We ended our trip with a showing of the The King & I  which was AMAZING!! It is three hours long if you decide to go make sure you remember that. We got out around 10 a little surprised. I cried at the was that good. (I cry a lot in movies…but that was my first play to include tears.)


I love love love New York, but I love it even more when I get to wonder around it with the people I love.

What are your favorite things to do/places to go in NYC? Mom and I are already trying to plan next year’s trip.

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