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Hello, Atlanta + 2017


Hello, everyone!

I know I have been so MIA lately, but I promise it’s for good reason! I’m officially a real-world participant, with a JOB and my own apartment in a BIG CITY! Over the past two months I packed up my stuff, started a new job, moved to Atlanta, and I love it. I am working at a public relations firm called The Wilbert Group, and I am learning so much! Now that I’ve finally gotten into a routine, I’m able to start the blog back up and I’m so happy to be back.

I never got to write about my goals for this new year so I’m doing it now to continue to hold myself accountable.

Read more – I’m still lacking in this department and I’ve got to pick it up. I always find that when I don’t read continuously, I forget how much I love it and then I don’t pick up a book for a few months. I’m thinking about starting Anna Kendrick’s new book, any reviews or recommendations?

Jump back on the wellness train – The holidays always get me so out of whack when it comes to health and wellness. I tend to eat more, workout less. I really want to tie this topic into some of my blog content this year as well with healthy recipes, workout class recaps, etc.

Branch out and explore – Now that I’m living somewhere new, I feel like there is so much to do and see. I’ve started an Atlanta bucket list and really want to make an effort to check out everything this city has to offer!

 Try something new once a week – I was doing this last year and loved it so I decided to keep it up throughout 2017.

Money management – No surprise here but I’m still very bad at this. It’s funny how hard it is to spend your own money versus someone else’s. I’m getting a better grasp on budgeting now that I have my own money to deal with so hopefully, this will be the year I become financially savvy.

I’ve updated the Instagram and wish list pages under the Shop section so be sure to check those out! Happy Monday!

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