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Friday Finds


It’s FRIDAY!! This week was great. It felt so good to blog every day! I feel like I haven’t gotten to really put some effort into this site in a long time, and I was so excited to do that this week! It went by so fast!

links I’m loving

this Gray Malin x S’well Bottle collab is so awesome

quiz on pop tarts, or my childhood basically

how to throw the ultimate Olympics party (featuring TWO recipes from Black Tap!)

10 dinner bowls to try this week, these all look SO GOOD

everything you need from Forever 21 this Fall, that bomber jacket is already in my cart!

all you need to know about Instagram’s new feature

(my thoughts on this new Insta update: I don’t LOVE it! I am extremely confused (along with everyone else) about whether to keep shapchatting or just put everything in one place on Instagram. Right now I am putting different content on both, but it is starting to seem like a lot of extra work for no reason. Also, I follow so many people on Instagram, I don’t have time to watch everyone’s stories, and I am sure that is the case with a lot of people, so what do we think? Should I just suck it up and post on both snap an insta, or quit using snap as a blogging platform and put everything on insta? This is the question that keeps me awake at night. Any advice is more than welcome! )

Have a FABULOUS weekend you guys!

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