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Dubrovnik, Croatia

Hello! I hope you are all having a wonderful week. I haven’t done a travel post in a while so today I thought I would share my favorite stop on our Mediterranean journey, Dubrovnik, Croatia! Dubrovnik is unlike any place I have ever visited. It reminded me a lot of a town in a Disney fairy tale movie. When we first arrived, Dubrovnik didn’t seem that ...

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New York City 2015

HI! I feel like it has been years since I posted…even though it has only been five days. I missed you guys. How was everybody’s weekend? I had planned on blogging in New York while on vacation but I quickly realized that was not going to happen. My family tries to go to New York every year around this time. I would like to point out that it was rather ...

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Venice, Italy

Today I am continuing my Mediterranean cruise travel series with Venice, Italy. Venice was one of the unique cities I have been too. The architecture, history and the fact that it had water running all throughout it made it one of the fascinating places I visited. Naturally, the first thing we did in Venice was a gondola ride. I’m going to be honest here, ...

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