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Birthday Cake Martini

Ever since I turned 21, I have had an appropriate fascination with martinis because, well, who doesn’t love a good martini? I have had this Birthday Cake Martini recipe pinned for years, and this year I finally remembered to make them. They are delicious, super easy, AND have sprinkles (my favorite condiment!) Birthday Cake Martini Ingredients: 2 ounces ...

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Million Dollar Bars

Good morning! One of the reasons I am not a big baker is because of how precise and tedious it is. When I cook I like to ballpark measurements, throw random ingredients in, etc. With baking, you can’t really do that and it makes me turn away. BUT, these bars allow for that versatility and are SO EASY to make. Which is why I love them. If you don’t ...

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MELT // Birmingham

This past weekend I visited a group of my closest friends in Birmingham! It was such a fun weekend full of good conversations and more importantly good food. On Saturday, we traded brunch for lunch and went to MELT which is located in Avondale. I am not kidding when I say my life was permanently altered for the better. This place has the best gourmet grilled ...

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Liz’s 5-Step Chicken Nuggets

 I love chicken nuggets so much. I actually scored 11/12 on this Buzzfeed quiz, how sad/awesome is that? However, despite my love for chicken nuggets, they are fried and therefore not the healthiest so I had to figure out something else, baked chicken nuggets that ALMOST taste as good as Chick Fil A’s, I swear this is not a trick. Even better, they are SO ...

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