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Happy Tuesday! I was just thinking the other day about how many bloggers there are out there, and I realized I have never really talked about the ones that made me start blogging in the first place. So today I wanted to take some time to share my favorite blogs and why they rock.

the big three

These are the three blogs I have been following since I first started following blogs forever ago, all three of these women are people I consider role models, the chance to meet any of them would have me severely starstruck. They have truly grown so much since I subscribed to them way back when and to see that gives me some mad motivation.

Something Navy

First blog and fashion blog I ever followed. I am obsessed with Arielle’s style and even though I can’t afford half the stuff she wears, it is always awesome to see what she pairs with what and is madly inspiring. She started her blog to show her ex boyfriend how well she was doing without him, ended up finding her true passion, and now basically dominates the fashion blogger circuit. How awesome is that? I also follow her on snapchat and always make sure my volume is up because I looove to hear what she has to say about her new baby girl, her haunted house and her hubby (they are literally adorable together.) She is one of my favorites!

Cupcakes and Cashmere

First life + style blog I ever followed. You have more than likely heard about her seeing as she now has her own books AND clothing line, which is awesome, btw! What I love about her blog the most is how much variety she includes in her content. She talks about everything imaginable and has an extreme knack for finding some of the most interesting things on the web. I love her “five things” and “links i love” series. She is a really big advocate for only posting about things she loves and as a reader, I love knowing that!

Smitten Kitchen

My favorite food blog! It is so easy to navigate and if I don’t know what to cook for dinner I undoubtedly visit this site to find something. Deb Perelman is a food blogging genius, she released her first cookbook in 2012 and continues to post some of the best original recipes! She pushes out new recipes daily AND she has two kids, WOW, so inspiring! I love love love her smitten kitchen!

blogs I love

Carrie Bradshaw Lied

Absolutely LOVE this blog. Kathleen has great style and at an affordable budget which is something I need to be wary of now that I am a post grad. She graduated from Ole Miss and now currently lives in Cali with her adorable hubs. I love that she is from the South. She is also a really fun blogger to follow on snapchat, another one I make sure I have my volume up for.

Sequins and Stripes

So Liz Adams currently lives in Chicago with her ALMOST one year old baby and husband, and she has great style! I absolutely love how she can take a simple striped tee and make it effortlessly trendy. Another great style blog I check out daily!

Annie Reeves

LOVE Annie’s blog. She lives in Charleston and seriously makes me want to move there ever time she talks about it! I like the variety she includes on her blog as well. She posts about everything, and takes some seriously fabulous photos! I also love how open and heartfelt her writing is. You can tell she really loves what she does!!  A MUST READ!

daily reads

the sweetest thing

the stripe

glitter and gingham

polished closets

blank itinerary

hello fashion

sally’s baking addiction

the blonde zinfandel

What blogs inspire you? I am always searching for ones to add to my list!

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