Liz Maddux

Athens, Greece

Hello everyone,

Since I just spent the weekend in Athens, Georgia I figured it was only appropriate to blog about my time in Athens, Greece today!

Athens is obviously an iconic city just because it has SO MUCH history in it. You could spend at least a week and still not experience it all, I really want to go back.

The highlight: definitely getting to see the Parthenon and the Temple of Zeus (by the way there isn’t much left of it, but it’s still cool.) Hercules was/is my favorite animated Disney movie so I was living out my childhood dreams walking around this city.


Pictured above is the Parthenon, it is even more amazing in person, however, they were still doing some pretty heavy renovations on it while we were there!





All of the photos above are of various places throughout the Acropolis which you could spend two whole days marveling at because it is SO COOL.


After the Acropolis, we went to the old Olympic arena and then walked around the city a little bit. It was super bustling, but it had this really relaxing feel to it, and that was nice because you don’t really get to see that in a lot of big cities.

Have a good Wednesday!

(P.S. I really wish I had more pictures from this city, but I think I was too amazed….regretting that today.)

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