Liz Maddux

An Open Letter to Auburn

Hey guys, so sorry for how M.I.A. I’ve been. I have been soooooo busy and this blog has (unfortunately) not been my first priority (something I plan to work on), however, now that I have moved out and today is the last day of my internship at Auburn Magazine, I will have a lot more time to plan and post content! I have been working on this letter all summer, just to have for myself as like a memento of my time in Auburn, but as I was finishing it yesterday I started crying and realized I wanted to share it. This is such a bittersweet moment. Recent post-grads, I know you feel me.

dear auburn,

There were multiple times this past year when all I could think about was the distance I would soon be putting between you and I. I couldn’t wait to get away from you. But this morning, I zipped up my suitcase and rolled it out of my apartment for the last time, and it hit me that I am actually finished with my journey here.

I have no idea where I am going next and am frightened of all the things I don’t know, but I do know that the last 5 years I spent with you have undoubtedly been some of the best.

You have given me two extra years of living in the same city as my little sister and countless friends I now consider family. You have made me cry, made me laugh, and made me appreciate the little things in life, like Toomer’s lemonade. You have also given me the confidence to really put myself out there. But last and certainly not least you have made me grow.

The college years are essentially made to help you figure out who you are and who you want to be. Coming into college, I thought I knew the answers to all of those questions. Turns out I didn’t at all. I was immature, still dwelling on minuscule things that just didn’t matter, and throughout my time here I have learned who I really care about, who really cares about me, who I really am, and who I really want to be. I know my strengths and weaknesses, and I have learned not to compare myself to other people because I am on my own path, and it will be different from everyone else’s. And to have learned all these things is knowledge I never thought I would possess.

Another thing I have to include in this letter is the friendships I have forged over the past few years. I never imagined I would have a group of friends as great as the ones you have given me. These humans are undoubtedly the greatest blessing and each and every one of their personalities has helped shape the person I am today!

I will forever strive to live every moment to the fullest like my litter sister Kate, I strive to be full of faith and positivity like Ashton and Alex, to be funny and exuberant like Olivia and Megan, to be determined and strong like Erinne, to be confident and loyal like Laura, to be grateful for every blessing like Katie, and to have a kind heart like Harley and Jayme. All of these ladies are amazing people and the memories we shared with you, Auburn, will last forever!

So as I push my foot into the gas pedal and get on I-85 today, I will remember all of these things, and I will smile with watery eyes because I look around and I see a sweet life, and that was your doing.

So thank you, Auburn, and War Damn Eagle,


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