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5 Tacky Christmas Sweaters

The month of December means parties, parties, parties! Half of which are formal attire and half of which are tacky sweater attire. This year I wanted to get real festive at my tacky parties so I’ve rounded up all the best tacky sweaters!

1. The Christmas Movie Sweater

A funny sweater with a positive message, I feel like Buddy the elf just staring at it.


Elf Smiling’s My Favorite Sweater

2. The Couples Sweater

This one cracks me up and its the best of both worlds since it is a movie reference sweater as well.


Christmas Vacation Couples Sweater

3. The Pop Culture Reference Sweater

I find these sweaters to be particularly creative! Loving this one referencing Kim K.


Break the Internet Santa Sweater

4. The Traditional Sweater

You can’t go wrong with an original. I am loving this sequined lightbulb knit!


Traditional Tacky Sweater

5. The Party Game Sweater

Is your goal to be the life of the party? Behold, the interactive party game sweater. This one comes with balls and that’ s a velcro bullseye on the sweater. I’m sure this could get pretty interesting.


Interactive Velcro Bullseye Sweater 

Mom and I are headed to Birmingham to pick up our PUPPIES!! I haven’t slept in two days! I am so excited to finally hold my little fur baby! I can’t wait for you guys to meet him! I apologize in advance for the social media overload coming at you Wednesday morning, but I really am just so excited to bring home our little Bernedoodles!

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