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April 2016

My Favorite Beauty Buys

I have never done a beauty post before so I figured this might be a nice change of pace. I use a lot of beauty products. I am not the girl that sticks to one eye shadow palette every day. I mean, I have my favorites, but I am usually pretty good about switching it up and playing around with different colors, etc. However, if I were to narrow it down to the ...

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Liz’s 5-Step Chicken Nuggets

 I love chicken nuggets so much. I actually scored 11/12 on this Buzzfeed quiz, how sad/awesome is that? However, despite my love for chicken nuggets, they are fried and therefore not the healthiest so I had to figure out something else, baked chicken nuggets that ALMOST taste as good as Chick Fil A’s, I swear this is not a trick. Even better, they are SO ...

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Kusadasi, Turkey (Ephesus)

I have not done a travel post in a long time so I figured this was long overdue. Today I am going to share Kusadasi, Turkey with you. If you have been to Kusadasi I am sure you have heard about Ephesus. Ephesus was an ancient Greek city, built in 10th century BC, and it is pretty awesome. You essentially walk through the whole thing, ending up at the Library of ...

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When You Wish Upon A Star

I don’t know why, but lately, I have been loving stars. I can’t decide if it is the shape, the fact that they have some kind of celestial meaning, or if I think they just look really cute on clothing and accessories. However,  I am going through a “star” phase so today I thought I would share some of my favorite star-studded pieces. 1. 1. ...

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