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November 2015

Venice, Italy

Today I am continuing my Mediterranean cruise travel series with Venice, Italy. Venice was one of the unique cities I have been too. The architecture, history and the fact that it had water running all throughout it made it one of the fascinating places I visited. Naturally, the first thing we did in Venice was a gondola ride. I’m going to be honest here, ...

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Opa! Santorini, Greece

About two years ago I went on a Mediterranean cruise with my family. I never really got to share my experiences from the trip so now that I have this lovely blog I thought I would. Since the trip was 2.5 weeks long, I am going to break it up into sections of each place we visited. First up, Santorini, Greece! Santorini was probably one of the most beautiful ...

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I have been so excited to blog about this company because I think it is truly awesome what they are doing. My sweet cousin-in-law Susannah introduced me to them, and they are so cool. SoloHope was started by Emilee Connell. She was 16 when she went on her first mission trip to Honduras. Emilee wanted to help the women in Honduras provide for their families so she ...

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